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Vodka Martinis                                     
Martini Me Chocolate Tin $15
vodka, Baileys, shaved chocolate)
Martini Me Pornstar Tini $14
(Fresh passion fruit, vodka, vanilla extract and champagne)
Martini Me Stawberry Tini $12
(strawberry infused Vodka)
Martini Me Apple Tini $12
(Apple Juice, green apples schnapps, vodka and apple slices) 
Martini Me Irish Tini $12
(Irish whiskey, vodka and dry Vermouth)
Martini Me Cucumber Tini
(Vodka, Basil and slices of cucumber)
Blueberry Lemon Drop $13
(Blueberry flavored vodka with blueberry bits)
Lemon or Lime Drop $12
Vodka, Orange Liqueur with freshly squeezed lemons or limes)
Raspberry Lemon Drop $12
Vodka, Raspberry Liqueur and squeezed raspberries)
Mud Pie $14
(Rumchata, Kahlua and chocolate syrup)
Birthday Cake $15
Rumchata, half & half and sliced cake)
Martini Me Grilled Dirty Martini $12
(vodka, Grilled olives and oak bitters)
Martini Me Mt Pleasant Tini $12
(Mandarin Orange Vodka and Blue Curacao)
Pear Vanilla Tini $12
Pear Vodka, Vanilla bean pod)
Watermelon Martini $12
(watermelon infused vodka with muddled watermelon)

Rum Martinis 
Seven Seas Tini $12
Key Lime Tini$12
Coconut Tini $12

Gin Martinis 
Classic Martini Me $12
Martini Me Blood Orange $12
Sage Tini $12
Cucumber Gin Tini $13
Smokey Tini $12

Whiskey Martinis 
Martini Me Harvest Moon $13
Cranberry Whiski Tini $13
Summerville Tini $12
Whiskey Tini $12
Irish Tini $12


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